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What Makes A Powerful Brand?

Did you know that the luxury label Burberry has recently been named as Britain’s second most powerful brand? Overtaking the likes of HSBC, BBC and Sky! Aha but did you also know that Burberry has very strong roots in Yorkshire? The CEO is Halifax born Christopher Bailey and they employ 700 people in Castleford, where the iconic trench coat is made, and Keighley, where the fabric and check linings are woven!

This isn’t just a Yorkshire success story though, it’s about the success of their branding and what we can all learn. Remember folks branding isn’t just for the big boys!

At YMC we do a lot of branding and re-branding work with our clients. Weak, inconsistent or non-existent branding is a business faux pas, and makes marketing your business difficult. So when it comes to branding we ask our clients a couple of questions:

1. Does your branding and marketing material clearly explain the values and vision of your business to potential customers?

2. Is your branding consistent across all platforms and marketing material, or are you sending mixed messages which can confuse and potentially alienate your target audience?

The reason we ask these questions is to really bring home that clarity and consistency are the key to a brand’s success.  I just want to add that a brand isn’t just a logo – it’s a unique design, symbol and words that, through consistent marketing, creates a personality which resonates with your target market and sets you apart from your competitors, giving your customers a reason to buy from you.

The belt around your businesses identity if you like!

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