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Email Marketing – 7 Tricks of the Trade

Did you know that email marketing is one of the best ways of keeping in touch with your valued customers (providing you’re doing it right that is)! We regularly send out e-newsletters for our clients with good success rates, so I thought I would share with you a few tricks of the trade – here’s my top 7!

  1. 3 Seconds – is all businesses have to engage with a customer via email…yep that’s all! Include enticing words into the subject bar such as ‘Win a Weekend Away’ or even ‘7 Tricks of the Trade’ means that more people will open your newsletter and you will see higher than average click through rates!
  2. Colour – 62-90% of customer’s feelings about a product is determined by colour! Wow, ignore that statistic at your peril! Yellow is good for a call to action and blue builds trust. Red is a brilliant colour if you want to motivate your customers to buy, because it can really raise the blood pressure and heart rate. Just think of SALE signs in the shops! But be careful not to go over the top, too much colour will confuse your customer and put them off – so keep it simple!
  3. Videos – are the new thing and are here to stay! They are used by holiday companies/estate agents/fashion retailers to lure us to their websites. By mentioning ‘video’ in the subject bar of your email will again result in higher than average click through rates, and give your customers a different experience to your competitors, setting you apart from the crowd. But remember to keep it short and informative, you don’t want them turning off half way through!
  4. Pictures – don’t worry if you haven’t shot a corporate video or you’re a bit camera shy, images send a message too. Create your own photos and graphics that fit with your brand identity. Be creative whilst maintaining a professional look and feel, your customers will love it.
  5. Faces – we humans are emotional creatures. Faces build trust and trigger the brain’s emotional receptors, even when they are used on emails or websites. Why not include a photo of yourself or members of your team within your next newsletter, along with your ‘top tips for the week’ or a story about some fund raising you have done lately, and see how your click-through’s increase!
  6. Email Marketing Software (EMS) – always use a trusted EMS. Using a trusted host means that you can design, send and save your newsletters and customer database all in one place. Your newsletter can have multiple click through’s to your website and social media accounts which makes it quick and easy for your customers to view your products and services and (hopefully) buy! A good e-marketing software can also help stop your business’s email account from being blacklisted as it cleanses all the emails in your database before your newsletter is sent out, removing any that are incorrect to reduce the number of ‘bounce-backs’ you receive.
  7. Test, test and test again – of course you want to make sure that your email is 100% spot on! By using a good email marketing software you can test your newsletter on a mobile, tablet or pc, on different browsers such as Internet Explorer or Chrome, and you can test that all your links go to where you want them to. This ensures that which ever way your customer is viewing your email, that it looks perfect every time!

At YMC we’ve found that using a combination of our 7 Tricks of the Trade works for our clients. If you would like help or advice with your email marketing, just drop us a line we’d love to hear from you!

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